Jacelyn Rice-Boayue, Ph.D.

Engineering Technology and Construction Management
Assistant Professor, Civil Engineering Technology and Construction Management
Smith 248-D
Doctor of Philosophy, Environmental Engineering, Arizona State University 2014
Master of Science, Environmental Engineering, Arizona State Univeristy 2011
Bachelor of Science in Engineering, Civil Engineering, University of Nevada Las Vegas 2007

Indirect (de facto) reuse of treated wastewater

Water quality and contaminant modeling

Coupled natural and human systems

Water-energy nexus

Recent Publications:

Rice, J., & Westerhoff, P. (2017) High levels of endocrine pollutants in US streams during low flow due to insufficient wastewater dilution. Nature Geoscience, 10(8), 587-591.

Rice, J., Wutich, A., White, D., Westerhoff, P. (2016) Comparing Actual De facto Wastewater Reuse and its Public Acceptability: A Three City Case Study. Sustainable Cities and Society, 27, 467-474.

Rice, J., Via, S., Westerhoff, P. (2015) Extent and Impacts of Unplanned Wastewater Reuse in US Rivers. Journal AWWA, 107(11), E571-E581.

Rice, J., Westerhoff, P. (2015) Spatial and Temporal Variation of De Facto Wastewater Reuse in Drinking Water Systems across the USA. Environmental Science and Technology, 49 (2), 982–989.

Rice, J., Wutich, A., Westerhoff, P. (2013) Assessment of De Facto Wastewater Reuse across the USA: Trends between 1980 to 2008. Environmental Science and Technology, 47(19),11099-11105.

Daugherty, E. N., Ontiveros-Valencia, A. V., Rice, J. J., Wiest, M. J., & Halden, R. U. (2010). Impact of Point-of-Use Water Softening on Sustainable Water Reclamation: Case Study of the Greater Phoenix Area. In Contaminants of Emerging Concern in the Environment: Ecological and Human Health Considerations (pp. 497-518). American Chemical Society.