Computing Facilities and Equipment

The UNC Charlotte Information and Technology Services (ITS) is responsible for maintaining access and security for campus internet, email, remote access and hardware in the general computing labs throughout campus. In addition, this group controls the information portal, 49er Express, and course management tools used campus-wide. The ITS central organization provides the network infrastructure to the entire campus. The college also depends on key campus wide applications such as email, course management system, Banner, and several others. Mosaic, UNC Charlotte’s College of Engineering computer support group discussed below, is actively engaged with ITS to ensure that all services used by the college through ITS are delivered and supported for members of UNC Charlotte’s College of Engineering.

Available Software

A list of software available to Engineering Technology and Construction Management students can be found on the MOSAIC computing website.

Internet and Information Infrastructures to Achieve Program Educational Objectives

The informational resources available to ET students at the program, department, college, and university level includes individual faculty websites, Pan-Opto recordings, course archives using Blackboard and/or Moodle, catalogs, manuals and technical publications, departmental level print materials and staff designated as Student Service Specialists, the college level resources available through the Office of Student Development and Success, the university’s Atkins Library collection, and capabilities and resources maintained by the university’s ITS Department.

Characteristics of Resources

All laboratory equipment, computing equipment and software is current, relevant and consistent with that encountered in the industries and professional practices served by programs in the Department of Engineering Technology and Construction Management. Input is actively sought by all stakeholders and is addressed at the program, department, college and university levels. At the program level, individual faculty are engaged with colleagues from other units in the college and university, industry and other academic institutions through consultation and research collaborations. Industrial Advisory Boards at both the program and department level provide critical input and review during a formal meeting at the end of each semester and informal communications at any time. The department has an active representative on the Computing Facilities Advisory Committee and the Strategic Planning Assessment Resource Team. Historically, programs in the ET department and their sister departments in the sciences have cooperated on the acquisition of equipment and resources. The college maintains active participation on the Faculty Academic Planning & Budget Committee, the Faculty Advisory Library Committee and the Faculty Information Services & Technology Advisory Committee at the university level. Finally, as mentioned previously, the Mosaic group is proactive in ensuring the currency and availability of optimal software and computing hardware resources for all members of UNC Charlotte’s College of Engineering.