Mechanical Engineering Technology

The Mechanical Engineering Technology program includes education, applied research, and technology development in the areas of mechanisms, energy systems, design, manufacturing, instrumentation, and hands-on laboratories.

The first two years in the Mechanical Engineering Technology program emphasize engineering technology fundamentals. Students concentrate on mathematics, science, written and oral communication skills, and mechanical specialization classes including computer aided drafting, statics, mechanisms, manufacturing processes and engineering materials. The third and fourth years emphasize design and analysis with advanced classes in heat transfer, thermodynamics, fluid mechanics, strength of materials, machine design, and instrumentation.

Students will take a design class each year that culminates in an industry-supported year-long capstone design experience. Additionally, hands-on laboratories complement course work fundamentals in areas of machining, stress analysis, thermal-fluids and instrumentation.

Mechanical Engineering Technology is a broad area that allows graduates access to technical areas that range from automotive design to renewable power systems to advanced manufacturing.