By combining scientific discovery, innovation, multidisciplinary collaboration, and industry and community engagement, our research program aims to create a vibrant research ecosystem that contributes to both scientific discovery and the practical advancement of technology and knowledge in the broader community. 

Our multidisciplinary research team is formed to address complex challenges from multiple perspectives, including engineering, technology, science, business and social sciences. We actively engage industry partners and communities for real-world insights, technology transfer, entrepreneurial ventures and training. Our research prioritizes cross-cutting research themes that align with global challenges and industry needs, from renewable energy, sustainability and smart cities, to workforce training.

Advanced Manufacturing and Security 

  • Applied electro-mechanical systems  
  • Robotics, automation, control, and security systems   
  • Biomechanics and applications in medical and health 
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Data and Digital Transformation 

  • Data analytics and AI applications       
  • Information modeling, remote sensing, and cloud computing applications             
  • Virtual and augmented reality applications     
Wind turbines and solar panels

Energy Transition and Sustainability 

  • Energy generation, harvesting, and modeling 
  • Energy transition, marine energy, solar and photovoltaic (PV) system
  • Green infrastructure and sustainable materials 
Image of skyscrapers on a digital grid

Infrastructure System and Resilience 

  • Smart cities and facility management    
  • Socio-infrastructure system and community resilience
  • Construction materials and pavement management   
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Innovation in Engineering Education and Workforce Training 

  • Active learning strategies and flipped classroom
  • Innovative technologies for learning and assessment 
  • Career pathway and workforce training and lifelong Learning 
Firefighters battling a fire

Safety and Health 

  • Occupational and public safety and training    
  • Fire service management       
  • Digital health and monitoring