Senior Microprocessor Laboratory

This is a small 215 ft2 laboratory where students can work on projects, in particular when programming microcontrollers. It supports the projects that students are required to work on in the ETEE 3286 (Microcomputer Applications), ETEE 2213 (Introduction to Microprocessors) and ETEE3641 (Senior Project) under the old curriculum and ELET2231 (Microprocessor Fundamentals), ELET3132 (Digital Systems), ELET3132L (Digital Systems Lab), ELET3232 (Microcontroller Systems), ELET4192 (Senior Project I) and ELET4293 (Senior Project II) in the revised curriculum. This facility has 6 work stations, Dell PCs with MS Office, device programming software and compilers, an Agilent 54621A 60MHz Digital Store Oscilloscope, a Leader LG1131 10MHz Function Generator, a chip programmer, an HP E3612A DC Power Supply, an OTE DM-568C Hand-held Multimeter and a Fluke 37 Digital Bench Multimeter.