Hydrogen Fuel Cell Laboratory

This laboratory serves the following new courses in development: ETGR3000-001 – Analysis of Renewable Energy Systems; ETGR3000-002 – Hydrogen Production and Storage; and ETGR3000-003 Fuel Cell Technology Courses. With an area of approximately 360 ft2, the Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Laboratory houses two fuel cell test stations, one for low temperature Polymer Electrolyte Membrane (PEM) fuel cells and one for high temperature Solid Oxide fuel cells (SOFC). In addition the lab has all necessary materials and supplies to perform at least a total of eight different experiments to provide the necessary hands on experience and skills to the students taking the above courses. The materials and supplies include materials for single PEM and SOFC membranes, cathodes, anodes, seals and other components to assemble the fuel cells, supply of hydrogen, air and nitrogen gases. Ovens and furnaces are available as well and the fuel cell software needed to control parameters and to post-process results. This laboratory has only recently been developed for use in new courses. Experiments will demonstrate application of hydrogen as fuel to fuel cells and related applications for sustainable energy production and for transportation applications. In the future, the lab will be equipped with hydrogen and fuel cell manufacturing and synthesis capabilities to ensure full training is provided to students.