Thermodynamics / Heat Transfer / Building Systems Laboratory

This laboratory houses equipment which supports courses in the CIET, CM and MET programs, and a sample of available equipment is shown below. In MET, this facility houses devices such as a vapor compression cycle trainer, transparent 4-stroke engine demonstrator, steam cycle demonstrator, and steady-state linear heat transfer trainer to measure and analyze principles of heat transfer and thermodynamics in ETME 3252 – Thermodynamics & Heat Transfer Laboratory. In CIET/CM, this facility serves the building systems laboratory (ETCE3271L) to demonstrate the basic theory and practical application of heating, ventilation, air conditioning, plumbing and electrical systems in construction. This laboratory supports the HVAC portion of those objectives.

Typical Double Pipe Heat Exchanger & Refrigeration Unit

Typical Double Pipe Heat Exchanger & Refrigeration Unit

Some of the available equipment includes:

one (1) TQ MFP 104 Air Compressor with associated instrumentation and data acquisition system

three (3) Brodhead-Garrett Model 9001 Basic Refrigeration Training Units

two (2) Hampden Model H6850-20 Double Pipe Heat Exchangers

one (1) Turbine Technologies Model SR-30 Rankine Cycle Demonstrator

one (1) Fluke #971 Digital Temp./RH/Dew Point Meter

five (5) Manual Dry Bulb/Wet Bulb Psychrometers.