Fluid Mechanics, Hydraulics & Hydrology Laboratory

This laboratory is shared by CIET and MET. This laboratory space provides approximately 950 ft2 for lectures and experiments. The space is partitioned to provide both a lecture area and physical lab area. The lecture area consists of three long tables with seating for approximately 16-20 students. Instructors have access to a large dry erase board and a document camera connected to a ceiling mounted projector. Counter space for experiments and basin sinks are located along the laboratory perimeter. Over and under counter cabinets are available for storage.

In MET, this facility serves ETME 3151 – Fluid Mechanics Laboratory, which investigates the fundamental principles of fluid mechanics, as applied to static equilibrium, internal and external flow, pumps and hydrostatic transmissions using experimental techniques.

In CIET, this facility serves ETCE 3242L – Hydraulics & Hydrology Laboratory, which includes study of hydrostatic pressure, Bernoulli’s Theorem, Reynolds number, pipe energy loss, flow over weirs, open channel flow, flow meters, series and parallel pumps, and Metacentric height, among other topics.

The laboratory is equipped with an array of Armfield Limited experimental equipment including multiple hydraulic benches, a hydrostatic test bench, and bench-scale apparatus suitable for studies in hydrostatic pressure, flow over weirs, metacentric height calculations, Bernoulli’s Theorem, open channel flow, Reynolds’ number, flow meters, pipe energy losses, hydraulic rams, Pelton turbines, series and parallel pumps, and centrifugal compressors. In addition, the laboratory contains a large-scale flow device for simulating open channel flow, two centrifugal fans with controls, a fluid power test stand including dynamometer, Saybolt and Cannon-Fenske viscometers, hydrometers, vacuum pumps, manometers, pressure and temperature transducers and other assorted equipment with associated amplifier and read-out systems.

Various Fluids / Hydraulics Apparatus

Various Fluids / Hydraulics Apparatus