List of CIET-CM Laboratory Safety Analyses

LSA No.LSA TitleRevision No.Revision Date
CIET001Operating a Conventional Oven1August 2010
CIET002Operating a Concrete Mixer1August 2010
CIET003Operating a Concrete Testing Machine2June 2016
CIET004Operating a Concrete Saw1August 2010
CIET005Using A Sulfur Mortar Capping System1August 2010
CIET006Operating a Marshall Compactor1August 2010
CIET007Operating a Marshall Tester1August 2010
CIET008Operating a Hot Water Bath1August 2010
CIET009Operating a Microwave Oven1August 2010
CIET010Operating a Sample Splitter1August 2010
CIET011Operating a Sample Mixer1August 2010
CIET012Operating a Sieve Shaker1August 2010
CIET013Conducting Soil Compaction1August 2010
CIET014Operating a Sample Extruder1August 2010
CIET015Conducting Soil Compression1August 2010
CIET016Conducting Soil Consolidation1August 2010
CIET017Conducting Soil Direct Shear1August 2010
CIET018Operating a Soil Mixer1August 2010
CIET019Operating a Metal Lathe1August 2010
CIET020Operating a Vertical Knee Mill1August 2010
CIET021Operating Wood/Metal Cutting Saws2June 2016
CIET022Operating a Horizontal Band Saw1August 2010
CIET023Operating the Instron 5582 Universal Testing Machine1August 2010
CIET024Operating the Double Pipe Heat Exchanger1August 2010
CIET025Operating the HVAC Trainer1August 2010
CIET026Operating the Armfield Fluids Bench1August 2010
CIET027Operating the Flume1August 2010