M.S. in Applied Energy and Electromechanical Engineering


The M.S. in Applied Energy and Electromechanical Engineering (AEEE) degree provides an opportunity for discipline-specific and multidisciplinary graduate level education.  Advanced coursework and research are used to enhance professional development, improve technical competency, and initiate a lifelong learning experience.  

Full-time students typically take three semesters to complete the program. The AEEE degree is a 30-hour Engineering program. (The program is in an approved STEM field that allows international graduates to apply for OPT extension).

Starting in Fall 2022, updated curriculum:

  • The program will consist of a 6 credit-hour core, a 3 credit-hour Mathematics Requirement, and 21 credit-hours of additional work based on three options:
    • Option A:  Thesis
      • 15 credit-hours of electives, 6 credit-hours of research, successful completion of a thesis and oral defense
    • Option B: Project (non-thesis)
      • 18 credit-hours of electives, 3 credit-hours of individualized project work concluding in a paper and presentation
    • Option C: Comprehensive Exam
      • 21 credit-hours of electives, and passing of a comprehensive exam

Graduate Assistantships:

The AEEE program currently has the highest Master's degree compensation packages for Research Assistantships (RA) and Teaching Assistantships (TA)  in the College of Engineering.  TAs and RAs are available on a competitive basis; students are not considered for compensation packages until after they are formally accepted to the program.

Assistantship Type TA RA
Academic Year 2022-2023 2022-2023 2022-2023
GA Level (if applicable) Base Base
Stipend (Academic Year) $16,000.00 $16,000.00
Summer monthly rate $1,777.78 $1,777.78
Resident Tuition (included or not included) Included Included
Non-resident Tuition (included or not included) Not Included Not Included
Health Insurance (included or not included) Included Included
Health Services Fee (included or not included) Included Included
E & T Fee (included or not included) Included Included
Tuition Increment (included or not included) Included Included
Enrollment Requirement for Eligibility Full time Full time

Graduate catalog page:

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Accepting Applications: 
     Spring 2023 - through November 30 
(priorty: September 30)

     Fall 2023 - through July 31 (priorty: March 1)





Program Director

Aidan F. Browne, Ph.D.

Aidan F Browne, Ph.D


Email:  aidanbrowne@uncc.edu
Phone:  704-687-5033
Office:  Smith 339