Alumni and students contributing to I-40 / I-77 Interchange Construction

If you've traveled I-77 or I-40 near Statesville recently, you are likely aware of the highway upgrades occurring as part of Lane Construction’s $260 million I-40 / I-77 Interchange Construction project in Statesville. The project is designed to decrease traffic congestion and improve safety, according to the North Carolina Department of Transportation. UNC Charlotte’s ETCM programs are well represented by alumni and students working on the project.

Early- and mid-career UNC Charlotte CM alumni employed by Lane Construction are contributing across the construction spectrum to construct the project. Ross Newsome (BSET-Civil 2019, MSCFM 2020 - Structures Engineer), Michael O'Boyle (BSCM 2011, MSCFM 2012 - Senior Scheduling Engineer), and Joe Winfrey (BSET-Civil 2006, BSCM 2010 - Cost Controller) have significant roles on the project. In addition, recent graduate, Brandon Garcia (BSET-Civil 2021 - Associate Engineer) and current MS Construction & Facilities Engineering student, Allison Summers (BSCM 2020 - Concrete Pavement Engineer) are also working on the project.

Ross Newsome

Michael O'Boyle

Allison Summers

Michael O'Boyle

Brandon Garcia