Power Systems Projects Laboratory

This is a small educational and research laboratory that is equipped with a Trek High Voltage Amplifier, HP 3312A 15MHz Function Generator, Tektronix TDS2002B 60MHz Digital Storage Oscilloscope, Tektronics TDS210 60MHz Digital Oscilloscope, GE DC-2000 Demo Adjustable Speed Drive, HP E3512A DC Power Supply, Trek 344 Precision Electrostatic Voltmeter, Trek P0541 Coulombmeter/Ammeter, 3-axis Micrometer, two SUN workstations, four PCs that are connected to the university network, two PCs connected to UNC Charlotte’s College of Engineering Mosaic system, one HP LaserJet printer and one Inkjet printer. Current projects include surface charge distribution measurements – comparison of methods (Electrostatic voltmeter, fieldmeter, electrometer) with FEM models; charging of powders – charge versus particle size distributions, which was preliminary for the grant proposal in pharmaceutical field; and an electric field sensor – a device based on a modulated varactor diodes bridge.