Shared Engineering Technology Laboratories and Associated Equipment

Laboratory Facilities and Associated Equipment

Specific room inventory consists of general-purpose test equipment for the respective laboratory, supplemented by ancillary equipment needed for each individual laboratory experiment which is set up in the labs before each session by the lab staff. Any further detailed equipment is checked out by the laboratory instructor. As required for experiment performance, additional components, probes, and hand tools are checked out by each individual student or student team.

Operational and repair/replacement is provided by the staff at all times there is a scheduled lab session. A computer-based inventory control system, which was developed and is maintained by UNC Charlotte’s College of Engineering Computing Services Group, provides control of the time period equipment is checked out and automatically notifies the student, faculty, or staff member via electronic mail that item return is overdue. After extended lateness (10 days) the appropriate Lab Manager is automatically informed of the offender, again via electronic mail, and takes appropriate action to secure the equipment or issue a fine or replacement cost in the case of lost items. All fines and/or replacement costs incurred become part of the university record and restrictions on registration or graduation are automatically implemented until the record is cleared.

Laboratory facilities range from basic undergraduate labs, for familiarization with common laboratory instrumentation concepts presented in associated lecture courses, to more advanced labs for upper-division experimentation and senior project work. These laboratories support all courses in the curriculum that are designated as laboratory courses, as well as courses that have a laboratory component, with specific primary functionality detailed in the following sections for each program. The comprehensive list of available laboratories and facilities is presented for all programs in the Department of Engineering Technology and Construction Management since students are encouraged to pursue technical electives outside their core course of study whenever appropriate.

Shared Laboratories